Friday, April 17, 2015

Ken's Retirement Party is Today!

Today we are celebrating Ken’s retirement and it is snowing here in Colorado.  I am not amused as spring has already teased us with sunshine and warmer weather.  I have been wearing shorts in protest, but Mother Nature has not heard the message.  Or she is ignoring my temper tantrums and thinking that I would not be so cold if I were not wearing shorts in the snow. 

Perhaps it is appropriate that we celebrate Ken’s retirement in the snow as we are ready to retire the snowy adventures we have enjoyed over the years in addition to changing our career paths.    HollyAnn, our daughter, is visiting from Phoenix to help us celebrate and we have been revisiting some of those adventures and remembering fun times.  But we are also talking about the kayaking, snorkeling, manatee and turtle watching, walks on the beach and fishing that are ahead.  So for now, I will put up with the snow and enjoy time with my daughter.  I have already picked out a nice pair of long pants and a sweater to wear to Ken’s retirement party – Congratulations Sweetie!!!      


  1. I am sure this retirement party was just brilliant. I liked reading about this. Anyways, at the indoor NYC venues I too would be hosting a fabulous birthday for my husband. I am just finding ideas for his party theme. I wonder if you could help me regarding it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we do not offer party planning services in NYC. Good luck with the birthday!