Monday, April 27, 2015

“On a Cold Winter’s Night”

One evening Ken and I found ourselves in front of the fireplace discussing the current temperature outside.  “$#@%, its cold”, we said over and over again using our best profanicab.  But the heart of our conversation concerned how we were spending our days.  We started asking ourselves questions about what the rest of our lives were going to look like.  Getting up, driving to work, working all day, driving home, eating, going to bed and doing it all over again.  I believe Jackson Browne wrote a song about this predicament.  

With a routine like this it was difficult to look forward to our future and counting days down until the next vacation did not seem to be a reasonable solution for us anymore. 

Ken and I have always loved entertaining in our home, creating beautiful spaces and sharing with friends and family.  Ken is quite handy with the tools and I love to cook.  As an investment we had already started a small lodging business in Moab, Utah that had been successful.  If we took all of that and combined it with our love for the beach, the ocean and nature perhaps we could sell everything and move to another country and open a small resort. 
Our Lizard Brains chimed in at this point and said, “Bad Idea!”  Leaving long-lived careers and good paying jobs behind to go make some crazy idea of a dream come is not going to do much for one’s 401K or IRA or HSA. 

So we decided to start exploring the idea and since I had just been laid off from a job I had spent 18 years perfecting – ok, I did not perfect it -- I started booking a lot of flights to Caribbean countries.  We had no idea what was in store, but we knew that if our future was going to be different then it was time to stop praying for the pretender.  It was time to get out there and DO something to make our lives different. 


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