Friday, May 15, 2015

Colorado to Belize - Day Two and Three

Yesterday's journey was another long 12-hour day.  We did have a nice stop along the way where we got out and "hiked" a bit.  Not sure a rest stop makes for the most promising trail head, but we made the most of it.

After finally arriving in Houston, we unhitched the trailer to give Ruby a break.  She has been a trouper carrying a very large piece of equipment, our bikes, 3 kayaks and us in addition to pulling our trailer.  And not one complaint!  She has not even asked us if we are there yet. 

The unhitching was followed with a happy hour celebration at the hotel. 

 Today was satellite internet class at Houston Media Systems.  We specifically booked our hotel within walking distance so we could have a break from the driving.  Unfortunately Houston is not set up for pedestrians.  We walked under an underpass, through ditches, past industrial buildings,

....along a railroad,  

.....past our antiques store,  

....and finally arrived at our destination! 

We spent the next several hours learning about this contraption:

This is Jose trying to explain to Ken how to find a satellite.  And not just any satellite, but a very specific satellite.......that is harder. 

Unfortunately we had a few technical difficulties which required some re-assembly. 

But once that was resolved we were able to test our new skills. 

We cannot say enough great things about Jose and the team at Houston Media Systems.  We are looking forward to taking our skills into combat on the shores of Belize at Leaning Palm Resort!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Colorado to Belize - Day One

This is day one of our journey from Colorado to Belize.  It was a bit of a chore getting all the packing and re-packing done and starting the journey with cloud cover and rain was draining on our spirits.  But the sky opened up towards the end of the day and we remembered why we were willing to do what we are doing.  We are halfway to Houston now and on schedule for our internet satellite class on Friday.  Whew!  Looking forward to Day 2!

Ken is happy to be on the road after so much packing.

Keeping a close eye on our overloaded Jeep and trailer.

Cloudy and rainy all day - made us a bit gloomy.

Scenery was pretty dreary in the rain.  After several hours it was easy to start questioning your decision making skills.

We were passed by lots and lots of big trucks.

Taking it slow due to our load.

Finally the sun came out and started to melt the clouds away.  The sky opened up a bit and our spirits were lifted.

I have lots of smiles to share now that the sun is out and I am not driving through rivers of water.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The First Day of the Rest of our Lives

Tomorrow Ken and I start our journey to Belize.  Life has been good to us and we have had the luxuries of travel, adventure, family and friends.  We have been able to travel to a few continents, adventure in the mountains and sea, experience exotic places and interesting landscapes, observe unique animals both above and below the sea and most importantly spend time with amazing and interesting people.  Those experiences have stretched us and allowed us a unique and wonderful view of the planet and its inhabitants.  We are blessed. 
This new chapter will stretch our capacity even further and we are both excited and anxious.  People sometimes ask us whether we are scared, or tell us that they would be terrified to quit jobs, sell everything and move to another country.  Well the truth is we are a bit scared.  The future is unknown and as we step into our trusty, soon to be rusty, Jeep that we affectionately call “Ruby” we will begin a journey that starts with being homeless for an undetermined amount of time.  There is no lack of things to be fearful of as we set out across land and sea to make a new life. 
But fear is not a dictator and life is too short to not take a chance on making a dream come true.  We can’t wait to be on the other side of the travel and adventure industry.  We can’t wait to create beautiful and inviting spaces and show our guests all the wonder and adventure that our pristine space in Belize has to offer. 

So, today Ken and I are celebrating the beginning of the next chapter of our lives – Leaning Palm Resort in Belize – Off We Go!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

We have past the point of no return!

We have past the point of no return! 
The good-bye parties are coming to a close - our belongings have been reduced - our remaining items are almost packed and our lease runs out in 9 days. No turning back now - Belize, here we come!!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Crows are Not Impressed

This is the route we have planned to get from Colorado to Belize.  The crows are not impressed.