Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Colorado to Belize - Day One

This is day one of our journey from Colorado to Belize.  It was a bit of a chore getting all the packing and re-packing done and starting the journey with cloud cover and rain was draining on our spirits.  But the sky opened up towards the end of the day and we remembered why we were willing to do what we are doing.  We are halfway to Houston now and on schedule for our internet satellite class on Friday.  Whew!  Looking forward to Day 2!

Ken is happy to be on the road after so much packing.

Keeping a close eye on our overloaded Jeep and trailer.

Cloudy and rainy all day - made us a bit gloomy.

Scenery was pretty dreary in the rain.  After several hours it was easy to start questioning your decision making skills.

We were passed by lots and lots of big trucks.

Taking it slow due to our load.

Finally the sun came out and started to melt the clouds away.  The sky opened up a bit and our spirits were lifted.

I have lots of smiles to share now that the sun is out and I am not driving through rivers of water.


  1. Best wishes on you first travel day. You guys have what it takes!

  2. Lovin' it! Great photo of Taunya to end the series of pictures!