Friday, May 15, 2015

Colorado to Belize - Day Two and Three

Yesterday's journey was another long 12-hour day.  We did have a nice stop along the way where we got out and "hiked" a bit.  Not sure a rest stop makes for the most promising trail head, but we made the most of it.

After finally arriving in Houston, we unhitched the trailer to give Ruby a break.  She has been a trouper carrying a very large piece of equipment, our bikes, 3 kayaks and us in addition to pulling our trailer.  And not one complaint!  She has not even asked us if we are there yet. 

The unhitching was followed with a happy hour celebration at the hotel. 

 Today was satellite internet class at Houston Media Systems.  We specifically booked our hotel within walking distance so we could have a break from the driving.  Unfortunately Houston is not set up for pedestrians.  We walked under an underpass, through ditches, past industrial buildings,

....along a railroad,  

.....past our antiques store,  

....and finally arrived at our destination! 

We spent the next several hours learning about this contraption:

This is Jose trying to explain to Ken how to find a satellite.  And not just any satellite, but a very specific satellite.......that is harder. 

Unfortunately we had a few technical difficulties which required some re-assembly. 

But once that was resolved we were able to test our new skills. 

We cannot say enough great things about Jose and the team at Houston Media Systems.  We are looking forward to taking our skills into combat on the shores of Belize at Leaning Palm Resort!

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  1. It's always good to get a different perspective by sitting on top of a ladder. We learned that from our cats long ago.