Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our New Guard Dogs

When we started talking with local folks in the area we are building our resort about dogs we received a lot of advice.  So when we arrived we expected to be the new owners of blue heelers, however things did not quite go as planned.  The blue heelers that were supposed to “get it on” to produce our puppies did not work out.  Lucky for us we had another option and it fell in line with some recent advice from someone we met who moved to Belize from Europe.  He had loads of information about security and recommended we make it a high priority, just as he had done.  It seemed to be working out well for him, so when we were informed that there were some pit bulls available we happily decided to take home 2 puppies.  We had heard all the talk about how protective these dogs could be and knew that in some U.S. States they were even banned for being so mean and ruthless.  We took on a vicious 8 month old female and an obsessively protective 6 week old male.  

So far they are living up to their reputation and we are feeling unbelievably protected.  Here are some examples of Mimi and Gopi at work:
Here they are protecting our lunch.

Here they are protecting our kayak.

This is Mimi protecting Gopi.

This is Gopi protecting our palm tree.

Here they are protecting our house.

They are ferocious about protecting our vehicle.

They really like keeping our old towels safe. 

Making sure our coconuts are safe.

Gopi protecting Ken's luggage.
Mimi and Gopi, the amazing guard dogs!!  No one will get around this dynamic duo!!!


  1. LOL... great post... and obviously great dogs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We greatly enjoyed your post and the boys especially enjoyed the pictures of your ferocious dogs. :) We look forward to more updates!

    1. Max and Ryan - we can't wait for you to meet the dogs in person!