Friday, July 31, 2015

LPR Construction Crew

 Ken and I are, of course, doing most of the work building out Leaning Palm Resort.  But we thought this would be a good time to give you a glimpse into the rest of the crew.  Below we give you an insider’s view into the construction of Leaning Palm Resort.
Staff Quarters
Threton’s Backhoe
Why we did not hire the same crew for the window coverings.
The staff pirate!
Jay, Evan and Steven (a.k.a. Mr. Sunshine) on Sand Castle duty.
Crew Chef
This is the staff we have hired to turn the generator on each morning.  Yes, we have read “The Mythical Man Month”.
Delroy on rough kayak duty – he just hates his job.
Floyd and Robert our Landscaping Architects.
The Tobar Crew – A rare moment when they are actually standing still.
What lunchtime looks like.
Tour Development Staff – Threnton is the only one who truly understands what a difficult job this is.
Steven, Even and Jay working on the Gumbo Limbo Lounge – and hopefully stairs soon so we can get up there to see what exactly they are spending so much time on.  They look pretty happy!
Security Staff
Ken and I are very blessed to have such a hard-working crew!  They are willing and able to deal with a difficult work environment and put up with us!  Now Get Back to Work Everyone!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

So you have arrived at Leaning Palm Resort – Now What?!

This week I started work on resurrecting some long lost tours that used to be commonplace from the little village of Gales Point Manatee Belize.  This area used to be a more of a hot spot for eco-tourism and off-the-beaten path experiences.  Circumstances have removed Gales Point Manatee from the map preserving its pristine environments and now it is time to start showing it off again.  Here is a recap of my first day of Leaning Palm Resort tour development:
This is my tour guide for the day and actually I will work with Trenton quite a bit on developing tours.  He will be one of our regular tour guides and has a wealth of experience and a love for the area and its gifts.  He is also willing to put up with my demanding nature.  I asked him to show me the entire Southern Lagoon in one day - we are, after all, on a sophisticated and well-managed project schedule. 

We probably need to invest in a slightly larger kayak for Trenton.

I had been kayaking a bit on my own and was getting a pretty good handle on where things were.  So when Trenton told me there was a creek across the lagoon from the house we are renting I told him he must be joking.  Then he paddled right to it. 

We kayaked into Jenkins Creek and were able to see some amazing plant life, fish jumping, birds and I only got my paddle tangled up in the overgrowth a few times.

Me in Jenkins Creek.

Trenton in Jenkins Creek.

We do plan to clear this little creek out some more and create a super nice outing for our guests.  It is a gem!!

Next we kayaked to a trailhead – well a trailhead in the making for future kayak – hiking adventures.  This is where I learned that Belize has desert landscapes.  WOW!

Thankfully these landscapes are not too big and you are quickly in the shade of the jungle again.  In the jungle Trenton showed me Monkey Razors, Lipstick, Giant Palms and Little Foot Prints.

Next stop was Black Water Creek and Black Water Lagoon.  It actually starts off green and then turns black as you get closer to the lagoon.  It is a pretty cool place and I can’t wait to show Ken – Yes, the water is really black.  Really.

 We stopped on the way back home for another hike and I was thrilled to get out of the kayak – my bum and arms were aching and I was regretting my demands to see the whole lagoon in one day.  I whined a little and Trenton agreed that since it was getting close to super time we could turn back before seeing the whole lagoon.  I asked him how many days it would take to see the whole lagoon and he just laughed.  Then he showed me some fruit and flower trees. 

I will continue my quest to seek out awesome places to share with guests – I cannot even believe how much there is to see and do in the area!!  Next on the list is cooking and caving…Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Outpost in Gales Point

I have been getting quite behind in updating everyone on how things are progressing. The good news is that things are progressing and it is keeping both Ken and I unbelievably busy. We have overcome a few hurdles and I now have a little more time on my hands. So here is an update from the field: 
Ken and I arrived safely in Belize and so did all of our stuff! We setup base operations in Gales Point in a cute little two-story cinderblock and settled in and we have been learning all about 
village life in Belize.

Here are a few examples of what we have learned:

- This is where you keep your bananas.
- This is how you make coffee.

- This is how any kind of wiring is done.

 - This object should be immediately thrown into the closest lagoon.

 - These are the 4 most important items you need before going to bed.

 - And finally, we learned to define roles and responsibilities.  Ken is in charge of killing all things creepy and crawly and I am in charge of pointing these things out.

Once we settled in we set to work on the building of Leaning Palm Resort.

 - We collected building materials.

 - We cleared jungle to make room for the bungalows and cleaned the beach.

- We moved footers into place.

- We watched these guys work.

- We made difficult design decisions.

 - Ken played with his power tools.

 - And we watched the first bungalow go up!

 - We are now focusing on the Bar and Grill and doing a little gardening.

We are enjoying the adventure and cannot wait to share Leaning Palm Resort with all of our future guests! It is going to be a very special place!!