Friday, July 31, 2015

LPR Construction Crew

 Ken and I are, of course, doing most of the work building out Leaning Palm Resort.  But we thought this would be a good time to give you a glimpse into the rest of the crew.  Below we give you an insider’s view into the construction of Leaning Palm Resort.
Staff Quarters
Threton’s Backhoe
Why we did not hire the same crew for the window coverings.
The staff pirate!
Jay, Evan and Steven (a.k.a. Mr. Sunshine) on Sand Castle duty.
Crew Chef
This is the staff we have hired to turn the generator on each morning.  Yes, we have read “The Mythical Man Month”.
Delroy on rough kayak duty – he just hates his job.
Floyd and Robert our Landscaping Architects.
The Tobar Crew – A rare moment when they are actually standing still.
What lunchtime looks like.
Tour Development Staff – Threnton is the only one who truly understands what a difficult job this is.
Steven, Even and Jay working on the Gumbo Limbo Lounge – and hopefully stairs soon so we can get up there to see what exactly they are spending so much time on.  They look pretty happy!
Security Staff
Ken and I are very blessed to have such a hard-working crew!  They are willing and able to deal with a difficult work environment and put up with us!  Now Get Back to Work Everyone!