Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Outpost in Gales Point

I have been getting quite behind in updating everyone on how things are progressing. The good news is that things are progressing and it is keeping both Ken and I unbelievably busy. We have overcome a few hurdles and I now have a little more time on my hands. So here is an update from the field: 
Ken and I arrived safely in Belize and so did all of our stuff! We setup base operations in Gales Point in a cute little two-story cinderblock and settled in and we have been learning all about 
village life in Belize.

Here are a few examples of what we have learned:

- This is where you keep your bananas.
- This is how you make coffee.

- This is how any kind of wiring is done.

 - This object should be immediately thrown into the closest lagoon.

 - These are the 4 most important items you need before going to bed.

 - And finally, we learned to define roles and responsibilities.  Ken is in charge of killing all things creepy and crawly and I am in charge of pointing these things out.

Once we settled in we set to work on the building of Leaning Palm Resort.

 - We collected building materials.

 - We cleared jungle to make room for the bungalows and cleaned the beach.

- We moved footers into place.

- We watched these guys work.

- We made difficult design decisions.

 - Ken played with his power tools.

 - And we watched the first bungalow go up!

 - We are now focusing on the Bar and Grill and doing a little gardening.

We are enjoying the adventure and cannot wait to share Leaning Palm Resort with all of our future guests! It is going to be a very special place!!

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  1. Nice work! You are making amazing progress. We can't wait to visit!