Friday, August 28, 2015

A Boat Named Jenny

One of the first things we did when we arrived in Belize in late May was to start eyeing potential boats for the resort.  One of the first boats we looked at was named Jenny and since we have a very special friend named Jenny we thought it was a given this would be the boat. 

 But due diligence was in order so we kept looking at boats and boats and boats.

Finally we decided to revisit Jenny and Ken took her for a test drive.  Actually we had to hire someone to take her for a test drive since Ken does not have his boat captain license in Belize; Or anywhere else in the world. 
He and John, who will also be our lead fishing guide, took Jenny for a spin. 

Next we hired a mechanic named Osmin to take a look under the hood so he could tell us exactly how much money he will soon be investing in his boat. 
Finally we got up enough courage to purchase Her and we worked closely with the owner, Boris (from Russia) to navigate the title transfer process.  We have collected 3 shrubberies so far and only need one more and we should have this completed.
Currently Jenny is on shore having some cosmetic work done by Jose who is also looking forward to fixing up his boat in the very near future.

We now have a boat that will serve beautifully to cater guests out to the reef for some snorkeling or to the lagoon for some bird watching or to the tarpon hole for some fishing and on and on……..We can’t wait to show our guests around the numerous waters that are so close to our pristine location.
But first we have to learn what this is for?

And build a dock which we are being told will start next week.  We have been told this for more than one week now, but I won’t bore you with the exact number of weeks.  We did manage to get the posts for the dock delivered and this was a very big day on the construction site of Leaning Palm Resort.

We also made a big step towards equal opportunity and finally hired a girl! 

I am thrilled to not be the only girl on the job site and Joan brings some spunk to the day – Love her!

We are making great progress and the things continue to look more and more like the resort we dreamed of every day.  Can’t wait to start hosting guests!!

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