Friday, August 14, 2015

Six Structures Up!

It is a human condition (at least this human) to look ahead and sigh at all the work that still needs to be done when taking on a big project.  

 On occasion discouragement is not a hard thing to find.  Especially when you are also finding spilt coffee, not enough sleep and heavy Belizean hardwood to haul to the beach.   

Occasionally we also find dull chainsaw blades and flat wheelbarrow tires (Ken's Nemesis).

And with a living room like this one to relax in every evening, well........ unfortunately that water bottle is not filled with vodka.

But today we are taking a little bit of time to reflect.  Ken and I landed in Belize City on May 23rd with a few bags.  Our Jeep and Trailer with the rest of our stuff did not arrive and get through customs until several week later.  So it is time to take a moment and note the progress we have made since then, 12 short weeks ago......

We now have all six of our buildings up!

We can boast that all of the wild cane Delroy collected for us is going up in the Wild Canes Bar & Grill!

The road is going in so we will no longer have to lug materials through the jungle and out to the beach site.  

These big things showed up yesterday!  We will soon be bragging about how wonderful it is to have running water.

The Gumbo Limbo Lounge has mud on the walls and amazing views.  We are excited about this space and can’t wait to share it with our guests.

And while our current living space is not the most relaxing place to be the views on the way to work are incredible!

We have gorgeous rivers to kayak in…

Beautiful lagoons to enjoy;

 And our office window has a view of the ocean.  

With all the sea grapes you can eat!

If that does not convince a tired soul that one is indeed making progress then a friendly neighbor is always close by to give us some words of encouragement.

We are indeed making progress and are very excited!  Our motivation continues to be creating a relaxing and fun environment for our future guests.  We can’t wait to show you a great time in Belize!


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