Saturday, October 31, 2015

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Taking on a project like Leaning Palm Resort is not for the faint of heart.  I am only realizing this now that we are too far in to turn back.  The crew has been using words like “ill”, “sick”, “mad” and “wild” to describe the way things are turning out.  I think they may actually be referring to Ken and my sanity.  Regardless progress continues…….

The doors to the bar area of Wild Canes Restaurant & Bar are now complete with the exception of some door knobs.  Minor Details.

We have sanded and sanded and sanded the bar top that faces the sea and love how it is turning out.

The moon has been putting on a good show which makes for a wonderful scene from Wild Canes Restaurant & Bar.

We have almost completed all of the “wild caning” in the restaurant and bar and the ceiling is looking better and better – ceiling fans will be going up soon.

We have started selecting artwork for Wild Canes and hope to be putting the bar top on soon.

We started installing toilets!  After living on site for almost 2 months with no toilet this is a blessed event.

We have stairs and railings up to the Gumbo Limbo Lounge which is almost finished!

 And while we continue to saw and hammer our way to opening day we are blessed with gorgeous views as we work.  We cannot wait to start sharing Leaning Palm Resort with our guests!


  1. Boy, it sure is looking good. I am planning on coming to visit Jay and his family in Feb and can't wait to see the resort. Shar(Jay's mom)

    1. I am sure Jay is excited to see you. His work on the resort is amazing and we are really enjoying working with such a creative person!

  2. Amazing progress! Looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks Lynn!! My project management skills are being tested like never before. I suppose it is sick and wrong to have daily status meetings with your spouse.......