Friday, October 2, 2015

Our First Guests!

A couple of weeks ago we hosted our first guests at Leaning Palm Resort.  Since we are still building Leaning Palm Resort the “Resort” part of the place is still in progress, but thankfully we have great friends who are willing to put up with a lot.  Here is a snapshot of what they had to put up with during their stay:
A short taxi ride from the airport they had to get on a boat and journey along the coast line, through the Manatee Bar and into the Southern Lagoon.  

They had to be fed, so we ensured there was plenty of fresh food and of course beverages available.

They had to put up with our wonderful boat captain and chief fly fishing guide, John.

They had to test our solar lights which ended up in a solar séance where our dog, Gopi, channeled Scooby Doo. 

They had to learn to cook hot dogs on a camp fire on the beach.

They had to go swimming at Moses Rock.

They had to learn how to work alongside the Leaning Palm Resort crew.  Here Scott learns how to remove bark with a machete.

They had to eat excellent Belizean food.

They had to learn valuable machete skills from our machete master.  Scott learned how to prepare the much valued coconuts that our dogs adore.

They had to take turns fly fishing from the back of the boat.

They had to kayak on the lagoon......

With rum.

At the end of their trip a friendly turtle came around to thank them for their flexibility in dealing with our construction phase. 

It was great to have guests at Leaning Palm Resort and we are thrilled to continue to progress in creating a wonderful place for our future guests.  On the Beach, Near the Jungle, Far from the Crowd!!


  1. Good luck to the two of you with your new resort. Hope your dreams continue to come true and that your business flourishes.

    1. Thanks so much for your well wishes, hopefully we will be hosting you in the future!