Friday, October 2, 2015

The Daily Commute!

Leaning Palm Resort is located on the beach just 3 miles south of the Manatee Bar which allows access from the sea into the Southern Lagoon, home to one of the largest West Indian Manatee populations in the Caribbean.  Due to its unique location, getting to work can provide some very wonderful experiences.  Today we celebrate the “Daily Commute” – these are the ways we get to work at Leaning Palm Resort:

We Drive (with Coffee, of course):

Sometimes we have to do a little road clearing along the way:

We take a boat across the lagoon:

We run:

And chase wildlife out of the way:

We enjoy time with our co-workers:

We ride in the back of pick-up trucks with building materials.

We bike.

We try to avoid rush hour:

We take a kayak to Jenkins Creek to clear the way for future guests:

Most importantly we take time to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Each day the journey to work brings new surprises and experiences and we are very much looking forward to sharing this special place!

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