Friday, October 23, 2015

We Survived!

Well, we survived.  We survived our first big storm in Belize and other than soggy underwear and a little touch of the blues we are intact. 

While our things are drying out we thought we would take some time to provide an update on our progress.

During the storm we built a swimming pool complete with diving board behind the bungalows. 
Ok, not really, but we may re-purpose our scaffolding for phase two.  We did get some other things done while it rained.  We have wild cane installed on our Wild Canes Bar now and the false ceiling is going up to house the lighting.
We also have some fancy screens going into the Gumbo Limbo Lounge and now that the sun is back out we can roll up the tarps and enjoy the views again.

While the guys have been sawing and hammering through the storm I did some sewing.  I have set up a small space to work in the Bamboo Bungalow complete with a table made from saw horses and the side of a shipping crate. 

During the storm we discovered some baby sea turtles had hatched right outside of the Bamboo Bungalow.

With so much water on the ground they seemed a bit turned around as to the direction of the sea, so we gave them a hand.
We sent 37 little turtles off to the sea with well wishes for a good life.  We painted the Leaning Palm Resort logo on each one before sending it off, so if you see one out on snorkeling or diving adventures tell them we said, “Hello”.
We are attempting to work on our bird identification but so far it is not going so well.  There are so many different types of birds here!  I keep missing the shot of a flock of “long-necked-white-birds-with-long-legs-and-yellow-beaks” going by against the stormy sky – SO BEAUTIFUL!  But I did manage to get the “hawk-with-yellow-beak-and-yellow-feet” captured in a photo.
And Ken rescued this little “green-with-black-and-yellow-head” bird from a slight concussion after hitting the glass windows in the Bushstick Bungalow. 

We took a moment to remember our little Gopi with a wish lantern.  We are thinking about you and missing you Gopster!
Mimi was on storm watch from the dock and continues to contemplate jumping.  But now that the sun is back out she is back to working on her tan.
And we are continuing to build out Leaning Palm Resort!  ADVENTURES ALL AROUND – Can’t wait to start hosting guests!!




  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these posts! You and Ken have made so much progress, and it's really exciting to have a window into your tropical world. Glad you're making time to experience joy (turtle husbandry, bird IDing, diving) along with the work. I'll see you SOON!

    1. Seeing you at Leaning Palm Resort will be a very happy day, Lisa!!