Tuesday, November 10, 2015


We have had a lot of excitement recently at Leaning Palm Resort.  As the clock ticks closer to our opening date it is easy to forget what a beautiful and full of life place we have chosen to build Leaning Palm Resort.  Here is a quick update to remind you and us that life is too short and wonderful to work all the time:

The birds have found our dock and now Mimi's has had to expand her job responsibilities.  She has added "Bird Chaser" to her security duties and is learning to save us a lot of messy clean up.

With the loss of Gopi, Mimi's rambunctious playmate, Ken and I are struggling to maintain the time and energy to fill the gap for her.  So "Biggie" has been paying us a visit every once in a while and Mimi is learning to make a new friend.  Here they are discussing who's turn it is to run up and down the stairs.

We are making accommodations for our Boat Named Jenny to come home so Ken purchased a new toy.  A pump and hoses that allows us to sink posts into the ocean floor and he has had some fun getting ready for our boat to live permanently at Leaning Palm Resort.

Here is a photo of how to install a botan post - this example is of course on shore - it is a lot more fun in the water!

While sinking posts we spotted a SHARK swimming next to our dock.

And like any reasonable adult would do we jumped into the water to get a closer look.

Ken was sure to get accurate measurements just in case we needed to file some kind of report.

We were all very excited to have a visit from an uncommon Oceanic White Tipped Shark!  Very special experience for us!!

But most importantly the screens are now completed on the Gumbo Limbo Lounge!  A few more punch list items and we will be bragging that we have finally completed an entire space - something we look forward to celebrating!  And we are looking forward to sharing the Gumbo Limbo Lounge with our guests - it is already one of my favorite places to spend time.

And we continue to enjoy amazing views as we hammer and saw our way to opening Leaning Palm Resort!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Leland! Appreciate the compliment as we get closer and a little more tired. LOL

  2. Oh my gosh, this is SO EXCITING. Can't wait to visit you two, sans sharks, very soon.

    1. We too cannot wait for your visit and we will be sure to let the Sharks have the day off while you are here.