Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Changes in Workforce

As with any major corporation there are times when a change in workforce is required.  This is no different at Leaning Palm Resort.  Below we outline some recent changes:

Director of Operations:  Demoted
     Our Director of Operations was transferred a few weeks ago due to poor performance.  She has not been able to provide adequate focus for her tasks and all of her deliverables were late.  She has been demoted to the fishing department and has been assigned to our team of shrimp catchers.  To date she has caught two.

Security:  Transferred
     Our Security Professional has not been meeting expectations and the performance plan did nothing to change this bad behavior.  Luckily HR chimed in and helped us realize we were not adequately matching skill sets to jobs.  Mimi is just not cut out for security despite her PitBull Degree.  We did notice her advanced ability to manage a schedule and she has been given the long vacated position of Administrative Assistant.  No one has missed lunch since.

Director of Infrastructure:  New Position
     Last Saturday Pastor Kenny from the Gales Point Manatee village stopped in to check on our spirits.  He seemed concerned that we are working so hard and offered us some much needed advice.  He accidentally mentioned that he has some plumbing and electrical skills so we hired him instantly and asked him to start the very next day.  He agreed, but said he had some other business to take care of in the morning first so he was not able to start until after lunch.  Despite his late start on his first day of work, he is making loads of headway on the finishing touches of the infrastructure that provides hot water showers for our guests and light bulbs that actually turn on with the flip of a switch.  We are very grateful to have the Pastor on staff and he is bringing some light to our spirits throughout the day.  Welcome Pastor Kenny!

Tour Director:  New Position
     We are very excited to have Threnton on board as our Tour Director.  Threnton has been working on the construction crew since day one and is looking forward to transitioning into his new position which will allow him to spend more time on the water.  If you want to go kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, trekking or any number of other activities Threnton is the man!  His passion is fishing and he knows where the big ones hang out.  A day on the boat with Threnton is a real treat!   Welcome Threnton!  

General Manager:  New Position 
     We are thrilled to announce Leaning Palm Resort's General Manager!  Nigel has also been working on the construction crew building railings, landings, furniture and so much more.  He brings a passion for ensuring our guests have a relaxing and fun time.  He is already bossing Ken and I around and we are fortunate to have a leader with knowledge of all things Belize (he can even cook!).  We are looking forward to working with Nigel as our opening date arrives - JANUARY 24th!!!

President and CEO:  Unknown
     The President and CEO has been MIA so things are running a bit amok and the entire crew ran off to the cayes to go fishing.  Thankfully Mimi, the Administrative Assistant has stepped in and is now the Acting President and CEO.  At the last staff meeting she recommended that we all go for daily walks down the beach to collect sticks and chase birds.
Opening January 24, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016


The word this week has been SHRIMP!  When it happens folks around here get a little crazy and we finally learned why.

The shrimp come right to the shore line usually starting in late summer, but this year they were late. These are not the little striped shrimp that we are used to seeing while diving, but big jumbo shrimp that we are used to eating.  When they arrive they come in large numbers and when the word gets out that they are here the beaches fill up with folks carrying buckets and nets.

While this event was occurring Ken and and I were busily putting finishes on at the resort.

But everyone else including our staff was doing everything in their power to catch shrimp. Eventually everyone got their buckets filled, were tired and went home leaving Ken and I alone on the beach at Leaning Palm Resort.

It was still early afternoon last Sunday when we found ourselves alone and we decided to take a closer look.  Sure enough there were loads of shrimp right at the water line and some were even being washed ashore.  We decided to abandon the tile saw and trade our grout bucket in for a shrimping bucket.  It was Sunday after all and we have been working non-stop to get Leaning Palm Resort open.  A short little shrimping stint should not make too much of a dent.  By the way shrimping is addictive!

We cast our net out and soon realized we had no idea what we were doing.  Having never cast a net before we felt lucky to catch a small piece of seaweed.  We did manage to catch one good sized shrimp with the big net.

We finally gave up and Ken retrieved our old trusty trout nets and while they are small and not well suited for sea life we managed to catch 5 more shrimp (and some more seaweed).

We were able to cook these up and have a nice little meal that we caught and cooked all on our own.  Thankfully there are grocery stores nearby as if this were the norm Ken and I would starve.