Monday, February 29, 2016

Our First Guests!

It finally happened - someone took us up on our bluff to build and open a resort on the beach in Belize.  They actually booked flights and showed up and everything!

Prior to their arrival we all at Leaning Palm Resort panicked a little.  But only a little.  After that we realized we really were creating a special place and we took a moment to celebrate.

We now have the Bushstick Bungalow ready and waiting for guests and our first guests loved it!

And our first guests had a wonderful time!  They enjoyed the boat ride from the airport to Leaning Palm Resort.

They had a great day out at the cayes.

They enjoyed the Manatee River.

They learned to cook authentic Belizean dishes. 

And sampled fine wines made right in the village of Gales Point!

They helped us re-purpose construction scaffolding into a dive gear drying rack.

They enjoyed the varied landscape while being transported to the day's adventures.

We can't wait to have them back soon!  Thanks Guillaume and Danielle for being our first guests - it was a pleasure to host you!

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