Monday, June 13, 2016

Play Beachcomber Bingo at Leaning Palm Resort and Earn Discounts at Wild Canes Bar & Grill!

We caught up with a Leaning Palm Resort Representative to ask the brand new resort near Gales Point Manatee in Belize about their new game.  They have just introduced "Beachcomber Bingo" which you can play at their restaurant Wild Canes Bar and Grill.  Folks are already talking all about it! 

Here is what we learned:

Interviewer:  What is Beachcomber Bingo? 

LPR Representative:  Well, it is a game that our Leaning Palm Resort guests can play to earn discounts at our signature restaurant Wild Canes Bar & Grill.

Interviewer:  How does it work?

LPR Representative:  When guests check in for their stay at LPR they get to choose a Bingo Card.  During their stay as they walk the beach, they collect items on the bingo card.  If they complete a row or fill the entire card they receive money off their food and drinks at the restaurant.

Interviewer:  What kinds of items are on the bingo card?  

LPR Representative:  Good question.  Mostly plastic and other garbage that washes ashore; things like water bottles, tooth brushes, straws and sometimes very interesting things……..  So we took a creative approach and created a bingo card that includes items like:  A Water Bottle, A Toothbrush, A Straw.  But we also have squares that say, “Something Round”, “Something that is not on the card”, “A Child’s Toy”.  That allows for some creativity for the guest when playing the game.

Interviewer:  Are there a lot of items on the beach to collect? 

LPR Representative:  As with most beaches across the globe these days garbage washes ashore.  While we keep our beach and adjacent beaches clean, we can’t clean the entire shore line.  So unfortunately there is garbage still to be collected.  Beachcomber Bingo provides a fun way for our guests to participate in keeping beaches clean.

Interviewer:   Why would a guest want to collect garbage on their vacation?

LPR Representative:  Excellent question!  Turtles are the answer.  We are host to a popular breeding ground for sea turtles including the Loggerhead.  Sea Turtles face many challenges when breeding and nesting in a pile of plastic is one of them.  We know that LPR guests value nature as that is one of the reasons they choose to visit us.  We are located in a pristine environment with no crowds and are still lucky to have lots of wildlife – we even see Jaguars once in a while and see their footprints on a regular basis.  We know our guests will want to help us give our nesting sea turtles a clean nursery for the young sea turtles to start off in.  And we want to reward them for being good stewards of the planet.

Interviewer:  You have sea turtles?!

LPR Representative:  Yes, we do!  Green, Loggerhead and Hawksbill!  Turtle Season runs from May through October and we are already seeing turtle tracks on our beach.   We have a “Turtle Wake-Up Call” at LPR so guests who are interested in seeing the turtles nesting can get a wake-up call when a turtle is in the area.  Percy, our Night Watchman and all around great guy, walks the beach every night while tending to our camp fire and he keeps an eye out for nesting sea turtles.  We are also able to predict when a hatching might occur, so we can be on standby for that wonderful event.  

SIDE NOTE:  Percy also serves dessert by the campfire after dinner every night – Coconut Cream Pie with Soursop Ice Cream for example.  Everyone loves Percy!

Interviewer:  Ok, so you have Belizean jungle life, dessert by the fire and a game that allows guests to participate in keeping the environment clean for sea turtles.   What does Leaning Palm Resort not have?

LPR Representative:  Crowds!  If you want to get truly off the beaten path and into pristine environments rich with life and authentic culture we are the place.  We can even put you on a caye in Belize where you will be pretty much by yourself for the day.  Snorkeling, fly fishing, sunbathing – all to yourself while keeping basic amenities in place like flushing toilets, picnic tables, great food and drinks, and a fast boat.   

Interviewer:   Where do I book?

LPR Representative:   We would love to see you at LPR and will cheer you on while you play Beachcomber Bingo!  You can learn more about our brand new resort in Belize and book your stay by visiting our web site at

Interviewer:   Thanks so much and I look forward to staying at Leaning Palm Resort!

LPR Representative:  We look forward to having you – Good Luck with Beachcomber Bingo!

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