Tuesday, July 12, 2016


It has been just a few days past a year since we started building Leaning Palm Resort in Belize and we have LEARNED A LOT!  And some of the lessons learned have come from interesting sources that we just did not expect.  Here is an example.

During construction a boat with several passengers crash landed on our shores here at Leaning Palm Resort near Gales Point Manatee.  Our crew was quick to lend a helping hand and after providing food and water to the passengers they were escorted back home with plans to retrieve the boat at a later date.  

When they came to retrieve the boat they brought along a friend who had some tourism experience in Belize.  He quickly recognized what Ken and I were up to and made himself available to offer advice from his years of experience with Belize resorts.  He stumbled around the grounds and into the Bar and Grill area – he had been thoroughly enjoying his journey to retrieve the boat so was a bit inebriated.  He pointed out where we needed to add a grill for frying up burgers and fresh fish; he noted where we needed to add an outdoor shower area and he said we must have a honeymoon suite for honeymooners. 

When the boat-retrieval-party had departed Ken and I sat down to discuss the recommendations.  In conclusion we were pretty darn sure we would not be getting any honeymooners – at least not anytime soon.  Honeymooners want swim up bars, fancy suites with hot tubs and fancy restaurants, nightlife – things we did not have in our plans for the first phase of construction.  Or the second phase.

Well after being open for business for only a couple of months we had some HONEYMOONERS CHECK IN!!!!  Note to self:  “Listen to the advice of drunk fishermen who stumble onto shore.”

And what a beautiful honeymoon couple they were!  We continue to get the most wonderful guests here at Leaning Palm Resort and Kathy and Joseph were no exception. 

Not only were they not looking for a swim-up bar they seemed to really be interested in the beauty that surrounded them.

They took in the views.

They caught and ate fish!

They enjoyed the local cuisine.

They took in some fishing on the Southern Lagoon.

They visited the cayes.

They met new friends.

They enjoyed a nice dinner outside – no fancy restaurant required for this amazing couple – just the ambiance that only nature can provide.

And they relaxed and enjoyed the pristine environment that surrounds Leaning Palm Resort.

We miss having their loving and happy energy around - They helped make Leaning Palm Resort an even more special place and we hope we gave them honeymoon memories to last a lifetime – Thanks for choosing Leaning Palm Resort for your honeymoon Kathy and Joseph and for sharing your wonderful photos with us! 

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